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Essential oils are the most precious thing that nature can give us. They are the essence and soul of every type of flora. It is no wonder then that these oils work intensively on the most delicate human senses.

Modern medicine has discovered that the aroma impulses travel through nerve fibres and make their way to the part of the brain that controls our intuition and emotions. The aroma substances influence on chemical balance, our moods and our self-esteem.

We would like to introduce you to the properties of the essential oils and their positive effects on the human spirit.

The primary asset of the essential oils is their antibacterial and antiviral property. When at work these properties form a membrane around the plant life protecting it from bacteria and fungus.

Let us surround with the plants aroma.

Each essential oil is supplied in an amber glass bottle fitted with a dropper. Dark glass prevents oils from destructive influence of sunlight. All of our oils are from named botanical species, 100% natural, unadulterated, nothing added or taken away, of the highest quality and tested for their authenticity.

We have been associated with aromatherapy since 1990. We bring the raw materials from proven purveyors. Each delivery is checked for conformability with ISO standards, trade standards BN, Polish Farmakopea and German Farmakopea. They also meet requirements of the IFRa. All our essential oils have National Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw certificates.



Pure, natural oils supplied by "Green Village" are obtained mostly from the leaves, seeds, flowers or roots of the plants by water distillation. Essential oil price depends on its content in the plant. For example, to obtain 1 kg of rose oil it is needed to collect 3.5 tones of rose petals!

Oil quality is defined by standard organisations such as ISO. Our purveyors guarantee that oils they supply meet ISO requirements.

Some of our essential oils are used in food industry (eg. lemon oil). They all have certificates.

The primary asset of the essential oils is their antibacterial and antiviral property. When at work these properties form a membrane around the plant life protecting it from bacteria and fungus.

Let us surround with the plants aroma.

Air refreshening and disinfection.

For air refreshening and disinfection we recommend our oil burnes. Little candle warms water with oil and helps it evaporate. It also can be used as vaporizer. One can also use water spray (a drop of alcohol helps oil to dilute in water).

We recommend bergamot oil, lemon oil, lavender oil, orange oil, peppermint oil, thyme oil, eucaliptus oil or fir-tree oil. Simply chose the one suits the best your mood.

Air refreshening in the car.

Drip thin fabric with few drops of essential oil and leave it at the air hole. Basil oil or peppermint oil will help to maintain concentration when travelling long distances. Citrus oils are superb air refresheners.


Inhalations are very efficient against upper air passages illness. Simply add 5 - 10 drops of oil into hot water, cover your head with towel and inhale for 5 - 10 minutes.

Inhalations can be made in travel too. Drip handkerchief with few drops of oil, put it to your nose and breathe deeply several times.

The most efficient for inhalations are: eucaliptus oil, lavender oil, pine-tree oil, basil oil and peppermint oil.


There is nothing better after long and stressing day than bath with few drops of essential oil. It is relaxing and refreshing, stimulates blood circulation, sooths rheumatic and muscle pains, encourages sleep. We recommend pine-tree oil, fir-tree oil, sweet flag oil or eucaliptus oil.

Aromatherapy massage

During the massage oils easily get through the skin to the blood and circulate with it to all internal organs. By stimulating blood circulation oils improve blood supply of all system. Massages regenerate skin and make it more flexible and shining.

Choice of oil depends on every individual. Oil should leave nice aromatic impression, then it will work relaxing.

Due to high dencity of oils for massages are used carrier oils to dilute essential oils in. As a carrier you may use soya oil, sunflower oil, almond oil, sesame oil and even oil of olive (despite its strong fragrance).

  • for oily skin may be used cedarwood oil, juniperberries oil and lemon oil.
  • for dry skin may be used chamomile oil, geranium oil, lavender oil, neroli oil.
  • for soothing inflammatory skin is ideal massage with one of the following oils: cypress oil, fennel oil, juniperberry oil or geranium oil.
  • for soothing acne and skin problems may be used juniperberry oil, chamomile oil, cedarwood oil, eucaliptus oil, lavender oil.

For more information on essential oils and ther uses, we suggest reading the many books on the subject.

Homemade parfumes

Parfumes are 15 - 25% solutions of essential oils in pure spirit. Eau de toalette is the mixture of 12 - 15% of oils and 88 - 85% of 50% spirit. Alcohol strengthens oil fragrance.

Use your own imagination to create your parfume.



ANIS OIL ----------------------- no. AT1
BASIL OIL ---------------------- no. AT2
BERGAMOT OIL ------------------- no. AT3
CEDARWOOD OIL ------------------ no. AT4
CINNAMON OIL ------------------- no. AT5
CITRONELLA OIL ----------------- no. AT6
CLOVE BUD OIL ------------------ no. AT13
CYPRESS OIL -------------------- no. AT38
EUCALYPTUS OIL ----------------- no. AT10
FIR-TREE OIL ------------------- no. AT16
GERANIUM OIL ------------------- no. AT12
GRAPEFRUIT OIL ----------------- no. AT14
JUNIPERBERRY OIL --------------- no. AT15
LAVENDER OIL ------------------- no. AT18
LEMON OIL ---------------------- no. AT7
LIME OIL ----------------------- no. AT19
MANDARIN OIL ------------------- no. AT22
MELISSA OIL -------------------- no. AT24
NUTMEG OIL --------------------- no. AT25
ORANGE OIL --------------------- no. AT28
PATCHOULI OIL ------------------ no. AT26
PEPPERMINT OIL ----------------- no. AT23
PETITGRAIN OIL ----------------- no. AT27
PINE-TREE OIL ------------------ no. AT31
ROSEMARY OIL ------------------- no. AT29
ROSEWOOD OIL ------------------- no. AT9
SAGE OIL ----------------------- no. AT33
SANDAL OIL (east India) -------- no. AT11
SPRUCE OIL --------------------- no. AT32
SWEET FLAG OIL ----------------- no. AT34
TEA TREE OIL ------------------- no. AT8
THYME OIL ---------------------- no. AT35
VETIVERT OIL ------------------- no. AT37
YLANG YLANG OIL ---------------- no. AT36

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